Bad Advertising

Recently I've happened across some poor advertising decisions, and I thought this would be an agreeable place to share them. So, without further ado, here we go.

Well, what is there to say about this one? Perhaps Squirt isn't the best name for your beverage.


Truth be told, this gem was on the door at a relative's house. I must say it is a very direct and bold statement, though I'm not certain it's the proclamation one would like to make to their local community.

Yes folks, pocket hoses grow to 50ft, I hope those that need to can handle it. And so strong too. What good fortune.


And finally we arrive at this, and really, who isn't looking for a bed time facial to cap off a wonderful night, right?


If anyone else has any bad advertising, feel free to share and I'll add it here for all of our amusement.

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