With Wrestlemania XXIX taking place tomorrow, I thought it was an appropriate time to reflect on one of my favorite Wrestlemania moments. Of course, I'm talking about Randy Savage winning the vacated WWF World Heavyweight Championship to close out Wrestle Mania IV. I have soft spot for Wrestle Mania IV for several reasons, and chief among them was finally seeing the Macho Man take his place atop the WWF roster, where I felt he should have been several years sooner. HIs first WWF Championship came at the expense of the Million Dollar Man, Ted DiBiase. Let's take a look at how things unfolded.

*Disclaimer - This is not 100% accurate

With prior assistance from Andre the Giant, DiBiase is going to work on Savage.

Not pictured - Savage instructs Elizabeth to enlist Hulk Hogan's aide.

Hogan provides Savage with the assist. (You didn't really think Hogan would let MM have the spotlight to himself, did you?)


Refreshed and reinvigorated, Macho Man takes to the ropes.

He's signaling elbow drop. I doubt the Million Dollar Man can recover if Savage lands this.


Pandemonium at the Trump Plaza.


Macho Man for the pin...and the win.

Celebrating his first WWF World Heavyweight Championship.


This has been one for the ages. Goodnight everybody.