My work area has six or seven display cases filled with a mix of items that look as if they were either bought at a yard sale or found in a crackerjack box. There are also a bunch of sports related items that look like counterfeit stuff you would see sold out of the back of a U-Haul truck in less desirable neighborhoods.

The display cases have a switch that can be turned on to illuminate the wares within. Every day someone comes in and turns all the lights on, and at the end of the day turns them off. Currently one of the display cabinets is empty, thus the individual or individuals who concern themselves with the lighting of the junk leave this one off at all times.


Every day after the individual turns on the display case lights, I surreptitiously turn them all off, and turn on the light that illuminates the empty display case.

This is my silent war.

Illustration for article titled Light my way

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