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Time to discuss the age old question, which is the superior fire engine, classic red or upstart yellow/lime-green? The tale of the tape will decide. Right out of the gate Red fire engine has a massive advantage, it has an entire color named after it. How many people talk about sports cars or motorcycles that are "fire engine red"? Too many to count if I'm to be believed. Not only does the yellow/lime-green fire engine not have its own color, it can't even decide if it's yellow or lime-green. My completely unscientific poll shows for every three red fire engines in use there is one yellow/lime-green truck. Because I'm curmudgeonly and stuck in my ways, I'm sure most people assume this is not a fair contest and that my stodgy ways will prevail and I will name Red Fire Engine the winner. BUT, do you remember the first time you saw one of these yellow fire engines? I can't be sure what my age was, but I would say no older than 9 or 10. I thought red fire engines were some kind of law, something that needed to be obeyed less the fire chief face severe fines and possible imprisonment. When I first set eyes on the yellow fire engine I was floored, "WHAT IS THAT?" young me exclaimed to my mother. She calmly answered that it was a fire engine. I did not fathom how this was possible, how did this rogue department get away with brazenly breaking the law of fire engine color etiquette? I'll likely never know who the first brave soul was that decided a bright neon yellow fire engine was a viable alternative for trusty red, but they'll always have my respect. Yellow Fire Engine, now and forever.


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