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I stumbled on this dessert menu while at a little bar/restaurant in Providence, RI by the name of Julian's. I was not all that interested with the actual desserts they were serving up, but I very much liked the KISS related menu. Admittedly, it did leave me a bit conflicted - on one hand, it's a KISS dessert menu, and probably the greatest dessert menu I've ever had the pleasure of seeing. On t he other hand, it's the Cat, Peter Criss. While he does provide vocals on my favorite KISS song, it's still Peter Criss. One can argue on the merit of using Gene or Paul, but as the sole constant members of the band, they would have been the logical or expected choice. Even Ace Frehley would have been a more expected choice, as he is the band member most frequently cited by modern musicians as an influence. The more I think about it, perhaps Peter, being the least expected, made for the right choice after all. Or maybe the owner/owner's of Julian's are also drummers.


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